Experts creating online 'macroscopic observatory' of Earth's biodiversity

A virtual observatory for the unprecedented study and monitoring of life in an integrative way is under construction by some 400 biology and technology experts from 50 countries.

Millions of Jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake Found to “Biomix,” Churning Nutrients of the Lake

"Biomixing" by floating animals churns waters in oceans, seas, lakes: Through this process, jellyfish and other zooplankton--where they're abundant, as they are in Jellyfish Lake--may in some way affect Earth's climate.

Expedition to Erupting Undersea Volcano Finds New Deep-Sea Animal Species and Massive Cone

Scientists who have just returned from an expedition to an erupting undersea volcano near the Island of Guam report that the volcano appears to be continuously active, has grown considerably in size during the past three years, and its activity supports a unique biological community thriving despite the eruptions.

Census of Marine Life Explorers Find Hundreds of Identical Species Thrive in Both Arctic and Antarctic

Started in the year 2000, Census of Marine Life (CoML) is an international science research program uniting thousands of researchers worldwide with the goal of assessing and explaining the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life - past, present and future - by 2010.

Magic Porthole Coral Reef Contest Winners Announced

Horizon International today announced the winners of its coral reef contest, the Magic Porthole’s First Environment Achievement Contest held in honor of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) 2008.

UN Action Plan Year of the Gorilla Boosts Goals of Tayna Gorilla Reserve in Congo

Five years ago, Kakule Vwirasihikya's and his colleagues’ established the 225,000-acre Tayna Gorilla Reserve which protects gorillas, elephants, and leopards while providing many locals with jobs and education. Its community college, Tayna Center for Conservation Biology (TCCB), proudly announced on January 8, 2009, that it now has 220 graduates in natural resource management and conservation. 

Asia-Pacific Nations Agree to Reduce Catches of Bigeye Tuna by 30 Percent by 2011

Asia-Pacific nations have agreed to cut their catches of bigeye tuna by 30 percent by 2011 in order to help preserve the fish that is popular in the region served raw as sushi and sashimi.

Qatar and United Nations (UN) Pave Way for Environmentally-Friendly, Paper-Free Events

Paper-free or near paperless conferences may soon be in sight under a pioneering initiative by the Government of Qatar and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), announced on November 16th, 2008.

From a “Red Bush,” Rooibos, Opportunity Is Born in South African Village

With her background in botany, Smith thought of using rooibos – a plant that is a popular tea product and is known across the globe for its medicinal properties.

Mysterious Microbe Plays Important Role in Ocean Ecology: Leads scientists to rethink ocean's carbon and nitrogen cycles

An unusual microorganism discovered in the open ocean may force scientists to rethink their understanding of how carbon and nitrogen cycle through ocean ecosystems.

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